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Pfeiffer's Law

"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect"




As the founder of Ascension Brain and author of Superhuman Secrets I’d love to share my background of what brought me from being the kid weeding and harvesting gardens for the local CO-OPS to being an influencer in the world of health for everyday and high profile individuals. I grew up in Grass Valley CA (one of the original hippie health food CO-OP towns) where Whole Foods began the foundation of it’s supply of healthy and naturally sourced foods. There we have a potent network of CO-OP grocery stores that reflect the essence of the concept that food is medicine. It’s a culture of pure dedication to healthy living and I feel so at home with the earthy loving intelligence that comes with it. I ended up spending many years working for Whole Foods partners like Fiji Water, POM Wonderful, Earth Circle Organics, and other global raw foods and superfoods distribution companies. These superfoods changed my life forever, awakening my passion for revitalizing health with food as medicine in ways, sadly, most people have no idea are possible… YET! Fortunately for those like myself who are exposed and study the powerful healing properties of superfoods, we are able to bring awareness to greater numbers of people who can change their lives with simple nutrition. The basis of this is immune health and brain function which is the very foundation for why I created Ascension Brain. 


I’ll admit a love affair with each of the superfoods that is a part of Ascension Brain but it goes back 20 years. It was a time in which I felt alone in the discovery of such magnificent nutrition because it was so foreign to the mainstream. Spirulina, Chlorella, Maca, Matcha, Moringa… the list goes on and on. The fact is I couldn’t live without them and my health kept singing their music to the rhythm of an unwavering metronome. The superfoods were the teachers and continually helped me recenter my health when it drifted. With many friends and family running into serious health problems and dead-ends and unacceptable medication side effects, they would turn to me as a last resort to try something ’new'. Ironically, the last resort became, time and time again, the best resort. How could something so simple resolve such complicated conditions? How could the end result of countless doctors appointments boil down to the path of nature and nutrition with these superfoods? How could humans be so disconnected to what mother earth was already providing for us? I’m just grateful to have been able to help make a difference, which tells me a lot more can benefit as well.


Years later, after creating a well known advanced health and wellness facility in Austin called Cryo Body Works I notice more and more of these superfoods being introduced in brain supplements. I rejoice in applause seeing that awareness of their potential is being spread around the world. I can’t help but feeling, however, that they are missing some really important ingredients and quantities for balanced harmony and integral cellular function. They are also adding ingredients that are unnecessarily disrupting circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with what is available on the market… I just would formulate a brain supplement differently knowing what I know and especially without the need for caffeine and other stimulants. Having had the experience working with my bare hands sourcing and testing these exotic ingredients for the first time into the United States I feel called to provide people with a master brain supplement blend with everything I learned. I’ll take an objective humble gesture and say it’s the most comprehensive all natural nootropic available for people today. While it’s already available on Amazon I can say with confidence that it’s quality is worthy of Whole Foods shelves. It was extremely important to me that we create the basis of our brain supplement with basic cellular function and brain tissue DNA science in mind. Achieving cognitive revving with stimulants and missing the support of nutrition to fuel the brain with healthy cellular development is the opposite strategy to what Ascension Brain strives for. Each ingredient is carefully studied for it’s micro and macro effects (Cellular, DNA, energy effects, digestion, and more) and cross examined for positive interaction with the other ingredients. This process takes a long time but it’s fascinating for those interested in biochemistry and physics. There are also some lesser known ingredients such as Monoatomic Gold and NAD+ for advanced mineral and DNA support which are extremely difficult to source for authentic quality. The effects of such things I would need to write an entire novel for but would be delighted to explore further in dialogue with anyone who’s curious to know more. 


As a short takeaway, for Ascension Brain I wanted to recapture the disconnect I mentioned earlier to mother earth already providing so much of what we need nutritionally. We do this by incorporating specific and mostly forgotten ancient wisdom and modernize it with proven science. In fact much of the wisdom of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s leading brainwave studies has been incorporated into this formulation for that very reason. For us it’s all about Memory - Focus - Mood - Energy - Sleep - Immunity - Longevity. The only way… is the natural way! It’s a supplement to powerfully round out our diet, not replace it. It’s designed to protect against aging, aid in our circadian rhythm, enhance energy, build immunity, and last but not least illuminate brain function for the short and long term. It’s been created so that we can feel more of our consistent empowered selves rather than just trying to contain an over-revved and wired shot to the brain. 

A little word on how we incorporate certain ingredients: Relating to monoatomic gold - Gold is found in our bodies and is an essential mineral normally sourced through high quality vegetables grown on properly rotated crops where minerals are rich and densely propagated. Gold allows our bodies to do many things from maintain cellular equilibrium, blood flow, nutrient absorption, hormone production, and more. There are several ways to produce monoatomic gold. The David Hudson discovery production (through the accumulation of minerals in salt) process is a standard for capsuled product. Another is a liquid formulation. And lastly there is a pure gold dissolving process (which is far too expensive and inefficient). We run tests to conclude which methods produce the most consistent pineal gland activation and brainwave consistency during sleep cycles as to enhance circadian rhythms. Ideally, with the right serving size and consistency, you are able to achieve and remember vivid dream states with more frequent lucid experiences while waking up completely refreshed. The last but not least aspect of our requirement is that it provide the best mineral support for DNA telomeres. We work with several partners that have the most experience and contact with David Hudson although certain advanced salt derived formulations are in fact too strong so we utilize an effective medium potency as to meet short and long term intake needs. It's the goldilocks principle of not too much and not too little. 


Monoatomic gold quantities in ascension brain provide balanced activation of both daytime and nighttime hormone production from the pineal gland.  With consistency of use and the right serving size it should provide more accessible daytime flow state and consistent theta + gamma brainwave activation during sleep with vivid / lucid dream states for deep regenerative sleep.


Caulen Lauria

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